Patio paver patterns

Choosing paver patterns that will complement your premises is a difficult task especially for first timers. The thought of installing patio pavers opening doors for many patterns and designs to choose form. At Roblex Construction, we install the following designs

Circular Patio Pavements

This is a pattern whereby you install the pavers in a circular formation. There are small spaces left in between the rows that you can fill using sand or mortar. You do not have to install this pattern in the entire perimeter. You can install it in half or even quarter the area and install the other patterns in the rest of the area. This pattern is suitable for places with large driveways.

Herringbone Paver pattern

Here, we install the pavers in alternating directions to bring out the “V” shape. This pattern is suitable for large or medium sized areas. We lay the pattern in 90 or 45 degrees to bring out the best. It brings out a confusing yet an elegant look to any outdoor space. Herringbone pattern is popular for its strength and durability and will suit areas affected by traffic. Also, driveways and walkways are areas you can install this pattern. You can fill the spaces left between the rows using clay pavers.

Basketweave Paving pattern

If you are the vintage look type of person, then this is the pattern to go for. It alternates vertical and horizontal pairs, thereby giving your driveway a striking effect. To make it even more attention-grabbing, you can make use of different colors. They can be contrasting or complementary. However you like it. This pattern is an ancient one and is becoming less popular but still will make your place look more outstanding.

Running bond Patio pavers pattern

In residential areas, this is the most used pattern. If you are looking for an easy to install, simple yet and outstanding look, this is the pattern to go for. Installing this pattern is cheaper compared to the rest since it uses less materials. If your compound is small, this pattern will make it look longer. To achieve this pattern, we lay the bricks or materials side by side. Less cutting of materials is involved, hence, little waste.

Durable materials to use for patio pavers

If you are thinking of installing a patio paver, the material to make use of it probably what is disturbing you now. There are a lot of materials to choose for your patio. Below are some of them.

Concrete Patio Pavers in New Jersey

Among the many materials there are, concrete material is the favorite among individuals. It could be due to its texture, sizes or the finishing. This material is durable and strong enough to last for decades.

Brick Patio Pavers

Brick pavers present different styles and quality. Thus, it can blend in with many types of houses. They are suitable for outdoor fire pits. They are strong and will not catch fire.

Flagstone Pavers

If you want an interesting and varied pattern for your patio, then this is the material to go for. Since it is not popular, it will definitely give your place a unique and outstanding look in your visitor’s eyes. They are quite expensive but worthy of your investment.

Slate Patio Pavers

Slate is similar to flagstone only that it is cheaper. The installation process is similar but at lower prices. This is the material to go for if you love the natural look of stones.

At Roblex Construction, we are whizzes in installing and offering different patio paver services. feel free to call us any time of the day.

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