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Creating Custom-Built Sidewalks and Walkways that WOW!

At Roblex Construction we specialize in custom-built walkways. Using a plethora of masonry materials, we build stunning walkways that are built to last.

Our experienced team is comfortable with all types of mediums. This includes brick, stone, bluestone, pavers, cement, and much more! Whether you’d like to replace your existing walkway or create a brand new one, we have got you covered!

A cracked, chipped, or oddly spaced walkway is never a pleasant experience. You are stuck with your head down trying not to trip, instead of focusing your attention on the beautiful home or landscape. Luckily, Roblex Construction is committed to beautifying our local New Jersey neighborhoods. We want to make our cities and towns more walkable and beautiful!

Materials Used for Custom-Built Walkways

Today walkways can be constructed from a number of materials. From bluestone to brick and many types in between, the homeowner has a ton of stone choices. Let’s break down some of the most commonly used materials.


Pavers are a great choice for walkways because of their ability to withstand heavy foot traffic. They are extremely durable in all weather conditions and look great all year long.

Brick Pavers

Similarly, brick is a perfect choice for any homeowner who enjoys a stone that is uniform in shape, size, and color. With several types to choose from, brick is an affordable and plentiful option.

Stone Pavers

Highly regarded as one of the most durable masonry materials, stone is perfect for walkways. A proven winner given the harsh NJ winters, stone is very weather-resistant. Offered in a variety of colors, cuts, and textures stone is ideal if you are looking for a totally custom walkway.

Cement Pavers

Cement pavers are durable and there is a variety of colors to choose from. Easy to interlock, pavers are super strong and budget-friendly.

Square Cut Bluestone

Bluestone is the perfect walkway material for custom masonry work. Its unique coloring and durability have made it a staple throughout the Northeast. Easy to repair and replace, bluestone offers a skid-resistant walkway no matter the weather.


Concrete is an ever-popular option when it comes to walkways. Loved across the board for its low maintenance and extreme durability, concrete is the perfect complement to any home or yard. Concrete comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

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